Dr. S. Case Bradford

Visiting Associate in Aerospace

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Case Bradford did his graduate research at Caltech in Civil Engineering and Geophysics, completing his Ph.D. in 2006.  He received his B.S. in 1999 from U. C. Berkeley in Civil & Environmental Engineering with a Geotechnical emphasis.

Dr. Bradford's thesis research was on signal processing for the analysis of systems with changing dynamic properties, and he has applied these techniques in the design and testing of civil and aerospace structures.  His recent research has been focused on the design, fabrication, and testing of precision space structures including optical and electromechanical systems.

As a member of the Space Structures Laboratory since 2009, Dr. Bradford has been working on technology development for active primary mirrors, and has also helped support laboratory experiments for the ongoing Ae105 design course.  He joined JPL in 2006 as a Technologist, and has been the Technical Group Supervisor in Advanced Deployable Structures since 2013.  He also manages the Advanced Large Precision Structures Laboratory at JPL.


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