Miguel Bessa

Postdoctoral researcher


Miguel's research involves understanding and modeling materials at different scales in a new experimentally-validated and self-consistent computational framework. He envisions a new era of performance-driven design of materials and structures based on fundamental properties using this framework. Miguel received his PhD from Northwestern University and his MS from University of Porto.


  • M.A. Bessa, J.T. Foster, T. Belytschko, and Wing Kam Liu. A meshfree unification: reproducing kernel peridynamics. Computational Mechanics, 53(6):1251–1264, 2014.

  • N. Vu-Bac, M.A. Bessa, T. Rabczuk, and W.K. Liu. A multiscale model for the quasi-static thermo-plastic behavior of highly cross-linked glassy polymers. Macromolecules, 48(18):6713–6723, 2015.

  • Z. Liu, M.A. Bessa, and Wing Kam Liu. Self-consistent clustering analysis: An efficient multi-scale scheme for inelastic heterogeneous materials. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 306:319 –341, 2016.