Serena Ferraro

Graduate Student

Serena joined the Space Structures Lab in 2015. She received her M.S. in Space Engineering from Caltech and a Laurea in Aerospace Engineering (summa cum laude) from the University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy. Before joining the Caltech community, she worked as a research engineer in the Advanced Composites Research, Engineering and Science (ACRES) Lab of UC Davis. Serena is also the recipient of the 2015 Keck Institute for Space Studies (KISS) fellowship. Her current research interests include multilayer active shell mirrors and modular backplane structures for large optical reflectors.



  • Fan, Y., Gomez, A., Ferraro, S., Pinto, B., Muliana, A., La Saponara, V., “The Effect of Temperatures and Volumetric Expansion on the Diffusion of Fluids through Solid Polymers”, under review by Polymers, 2015
  • Ferraro S., Amoroso F., Pecora R., Lecce L., Girolami I., Antuofermo P., “Design and Testing of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System from Vibrations for Wireless Sensors,” 3rd Air and Space International Conference of the European Aerospace Societies (CEAS), Venice, Italy, October 2011