Wilfried Jahn

Postdoctoral researcher

Wilfried Jahn joined the Space Structure Lab in 2018. His work focuses on the optical aspects of the AAReST project, including the integration and alignment of the telescopes. He is also working on active lightweight primary mirrors by developping wavefront control scheme and in-situ sensing to mitigate misalignement errors and diffraction effects introduced by large segmented aperture telescopes.

In late 2017, he received his PhD in Optical science and engineering from the Aix-Marseille University (France). At the Astrophysics Laboratory of Marseille (LAM), he worked on the design of two space telescopes using freeform mirrors for high resolution planetary imaging. The main objective was the reduction of the focal plane dimension of drift-scan telescopes. In parallel, he designed and integrated two visible wide field cameras using full-frame CMOS curved sensors, showing the interest of using curved sensors to reduce the complexity of optical systems while improving the performance.


Freeform Optics

  • Wilfried Jahn, Marc Ferrari, and Emmanuel Hugot. “Innovative focal plane design for large space telescope using freeform mirrors”. In: Optica 4.10 (Oct. 2017), pp. 1188–1195. DOI: 10.1364/OPTICA.4.001188. (pdf)

  • E. Muslimov, E. Hugot, W. Jahn, et al. "Combining freeform optics and curved
    detectors for wide field imaging: a polynomial approach over squared aperture," Opt. Express  25, 14598-14610 (2017).

  • E. Muslimov, D. Valls-Gabaud, G. Lemaître, E. Hugot, W. Jahn, et al. "Fast, wide-field and distortion-free telescope with curved detectors for surveys at ultralow surface brightness," Appl. Opt.  56, 8639-8647 (2017).

Curved Sensor Imaging Systems


  • First patent: W. Jahn, E. Hugot, M. Ferrari, "Objectif de zoom grand champ à détecteur courbe", FR2017/052310, 1, 2017.

  • Second patent: being written