Yuchen Wei

Graduate Student


Yuchen joined the group in 2013, after receiving the M.S. in Space Engineering from GALCIT, Caltech. Prior to that, he got his bachelor degree in Aircraft Design from Beihang University, China, and remained as a graduate researcher at the same institute for 3 years. His current research focuses on deployable optical systems for future space-based telescopes, leveraged by low cost thin shell adaptive mirror technology, origami-inspired mechanism concept and application of novel materials. He's been involved in the development of AAReST, working on vibration analysis, adaptive mirror shape control and embedded software design for the telescope. He also holds interests in numerical simulation techniques for thin shell structures and processing technology of 3D braided composites.


  • Foldable Optical Reflector


  • Yu-chen Wei and Pellegrino, S. (2017). Modular Foldable Surfaces: a Novel Approach based on Spatial Mechanisms and Thin Shells. SciTech 2017,  Gaylord Texan. (Accepted)
  • Wang, Yi-bo, Zhen-guo Liu, Nian Liu, Long Hu, Yu-chen Wei, and Jia-jun Ou. A new geometric modelling approach for 3D braided tubular composites base on Free Form Deformation. Composite Structures 136 (2016): 75-85.
  • Tao, Guo-quan, Wei Yu-chen, etc. Modal tests and properties analysis on truss structure of large scale carbon fiber. Journal of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics 37 (2011): 316-319.