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June 23-24, 2019: Pellegrino Symposium, Cambridge University.

February 1, 2019: Smead Aerospace presents:
The 5th Annual Researchpalooza. Watch live on Zoom: [Details here]

January 21, 2019: the University of Colorado, Boulder welcomes Prof. Pellegrino as Byram Distinguished Visiting Professor. [Read announcement here]

October 22, 2018: Space Solar Power: A New Beginning. Caltech’s Sergio Pellegrino will discuss his work on the Caltech Space Solar Power Project during his October 31 Watson Lecture. [Read the full article here]

August 16, 2018: Student-Built Satellite Telescope Prepares for Space. After nearly a decade of work, a modular reconfigurable space telescope designed by students is nearly ready to launch. [Read the full article here]

July 31, 2018: Graduate Student Places 4th in National Soaring Competition.

GALCIT Graduate student Michael Marshall, who is a member of Professor Sergio Pellegrino’s Space Structures Laboratory, has received the Rudolph W. Mozer Trophy from the Soaring Society of America (SSA) for being the highest ranking contestant under 26 years of age at any U.S. National Soaring contest. He also placed 4th in the U.S. National Soaring contest. Soaring involves flying without flapping wings or using engine power, or as described by the SSA “to fly as the hawk and eagle has been mankind's dream for centuries. Modern sailplanes make soaring flight possible, and with them humans can fly higher, faster, and farther than the greatest of birds, using only an invisible force of nature to stay aloft.” [SSA news]

July 18, 2018: Professor Pellegrino gives plenary lecture at IASS Symposium held at MIT on July 16-20, 2018.

July 12, 2018: Dr B.N. Suresh, Chancellor of IIST and President of INAE, visits Space Structures Laboratory.

June 15, 2018: Commencement: Maria Sakovsky is awarded her Ph.D. 

March 5, 2018: An article from Inside Science about the AAReST project, Future Self-Assembled Space Telescope.[Read the full article here]

January 25, 2018: The Space Structures Lab is looking for a Research Engineer. [Read the full job posting here]

December 10, 2017: 2017 Space Structures Lab Holiday party at the LA Auto Show. 

January 12, 2017: The latest review of the AAReST mission was held at Caltech on January 3-5, 2017. The Caltech AAReST team was joined by Professor Craig Underwood and Dr Chris Bridges, from the Surrey Space Center, University of Surrey (UK), and Professor Priyadashan and the IIST (India) team participating via skype. As well as reviewing the flight readiness of the telescope instrument, the three teams have discussed the interfaces between the three cubesats that will form the AAReST spacecraft. Caltech, the University of Surrey and IIST are each developing one cubesat.

November 17, 2016: Yuchen Wei awarded Shirley Thomas Academic Scholarship at the 32nd annual International von Kármán Wings Award ceremony. [Read the full announcement here]

October 5, 2016: ENGenious features Maria Sakovsky for their "Pushing the Limits of Engineering Education and Research" article. [Read the full feature here]

September 28, 2016: Prof. Pellegrino mentioned in the Caltech article "Modular Space Telescope Could Be Assembled by Robot." [Read the full article here]

July 12, 2016: Our latest paper on in-space robotic assembly of telescopes has been highlighted on EurekAlert! [Read the full article]

June 2016: NASA RASC-AL Mission to Martian Moon Challenge – the virtual collaborative team IMaGInE (Lee Wilson team member) won three of the four awards including first place, in Florida.  Travel with them on their 6 min simulated mission. [Watch the video here]


June 10, 2016: Commencement: Manan Arya is awarded his Ph.D. and joins JPL. Fabien Royer receives his masters degree and joins the Space Structures Lab. 

May 12, 2016: The new Caltech campaign video featuring Manan Arya and the Space Structures Lab. [Watch the video]

April 7, 2016: Bob Silberg’s article on Space Solar Power Initiative describes our ultralight spacecraft concept as a “flying carpet”. [Read the full article]

April 2016: Serena Ferraro has been awarded a 2016 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship and a 2016 NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship (NSTRF).

February 23, 2016: Sergio Pellegrino talks about "Ultralight Deployable Structures for Space-Based Solar Power" at the University of Washington, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics for the Chair's Distinguished Seminar Series. [pdf]

September 2015: ENGenious: The Space Solar Power Initiative. [Read the full article]

September 2, 2015: Sergio Pellegrino Elected President of the IASS! [Read the full announcement]

June 2014: Commencement: Yuchen Weiand Yamuna Phal receive their masters degrees. Keith Patterson is awarded his Ph.D.

Summer 2014: Lab tour

April 21, 2015: Northrop Grumman Corporation announces ultralight space structures research project for Space Solar Power Initiative! [Read the full announcement]

January 9, 2014: The Winter 2013 issue of Engineering & Science features Professor Sergio Pellegrino's Space Structures Laboratory in the Guggenheim building. [Read the Caltech Engineering and Applied Science]

November 21, 2013: Professor Sergio Pellegrino and GALCIT graduate student Gina Olson have received the AIAA Gossamer Systems Forum Best Paper Award for the paper entitled "Deployable Helical Antennas for CubeSats." [Read the paper]

May 27, 2011: Deployable Boom Model Donation Ceremony.

April 6, 2011: Dr. Pellegrino receives the AIAA 11th Gossamer Forum best paper award at AIAA SDM Conference in Denver, April 2011. The award was presented to Xiaowei Deng and Sergio Pellegrino for the paper Wrinkling of Orthotropic Viscoelastic Membranes.

March 28, 2011: Tensegrity Wing Donation Ceremony.

July 31, 2010: Associates Open House.

May 2010: Visit by director James Cameron to the Space Structures Laboratory.

June 22, 2008: NASA Superpressure Balloon Test.

May 23, 2008: Induction of AIAA Fellows.

Nov 5, 2007: Induction of Royal Academy of Engineering Fellows.