Ph.D. Defenses

2018 Maria Sakovsky Design and characterization of dual-matrix composite deployable space structures
2017 M. Delapierre Dynamics and Stability of Spinning Membranes
2017 Lee Wilson Analysis of Packaging and Deployment of Ultralight Space Structures
2016 Manan Arya Packaging and Deployment of Large Planar Spacecraft Structures
2015 Xin Ning Imperfection Insensitive Thin Shells
2015 John Steeves Multilayer Active Shell Mirrors
2014 Ignacio Maqueda High-Strain Composites and Dual-Matrix Composite Structures
2013 Keith Patterson Lightweight Deformable Mirrors for Future Space Telescopes
2013 Kawai Kwok Mechanics of Viscoelastic Thin-Walled Structures
2012 Xiaowei Deng Clefted Equilibrium Shapes of Superpressure Balloon Structures
2011 C. Mallikarachchi Thin-Walled Composite Deployable Booms with Tape-Spring Hinges (University Cambridge)
2011 Olive Stohlman Repeatability of Joint-Dominated Deployable Masts
2011 F.Lopez Jimenez Mechanics of Thin Carbon Fiber Composites with a Silicone Matrix
2009 Tobias Gerngross Viscoelastic Behaviour in Stratospheric Balloon Structures (University of Cambridge)
2009 Peter Winslow Synthesis and Optimisation of Free-Form Grid Structures (University of Cambridge)

Knowles Lectures

2019 Serena Ferraro Topology Optimization of Composite Self-Deployable Thin Shells with Cutouts
2018 Yuchen Wei Origami Inspired Piezoelectric Foldable Thin Shells
2017 Melanie Delapierre Stability of Spinning Membranes
2016 Kristina Hogstrom Deployable Modules for Robotically-Assmembled Space Structures
2015 Nicolas Lee In-Space Robotic Assembly of a Modular Telescope Structure
2015 John Steeves Imperfections in Symmetric Thin-Ply Laminates
2014 Xin Ning Breaking Symmetry in Axially-Loaded Cylindrical Shells
2014 Jun Li A Large Deformation Viscoelastic Model of NASA Superpressure Balloon Film
2013 Keith Patterson Lightweight Deformable Mirrors
2012 Kawai Kwok Large Deformation of Viscoelastic Membranes
2011 Olive Stohlman Position Accuracy of Jointed Deployable Masts
2010 C. Mallikarachchi CFRP Composite Booms with Integral Tape-Spring Hinges