Narravula (Harsha) Reddy

Graduate Student


Harsha completed his Master's in Aeronautics from Caltech in 2018 and Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati in 2015. He worked for a year at Reliance Industries as a Graduate Engineering Trainee, and for a year at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad as a full-time researcher before coming to Caltech. His previous research was focused on short-fiber piezoelectric composite actuators and non-linear magnetoelastic membranes.



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  •  Reddy, N. H., Saxena, P. (2017) Limit points in the inflation of a nonlinear magnetoelastic toroidal membrane, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 95(C), 248-26
  • Pavan Kumar, A. S., Panda, S., Reddy, N. H. (2016) A comparative study on the smart damping capabilities of cylindrically orthotropic piezoelectric ber-reinforced composite actuators in vibration control of simply supported/fully clamped isotropic annular plate, Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 28(13), 1839-1859
  • Panda, S., Reddy, N. H., Pavan Kumar, A. S. (2015) Design and nite element analysis of a short piezoelectric fi ber reinforced composite actuator, Archive of Applied Mechanics 85(5), 691-711
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