Richard G. Madonna, Ph.D.


Dr. Madonna has over 35 years of combined military and industrial experience in the development of small to large national security systems, and has held several adjunct faculty appointments over the same span of time.  Prior to joining Northrop Grumman, Richard served as a Captain in the USAF and was Branch Chief for Special Projects in AFTAC’s Electro-optical Division.  Richard recently retired as a Northrop Grumman Fellow at Northrop Grumman Mission Systems and served as the System Architect for several space programs there.  Richard focused mainly on space based remote sensing systems, primarily using electro-optical and infrared sensors.  He has also served as Principle Investigator and Program Manager on several national security programs. Richard also developed, ran and taught in an in-house 20 week Electro-optical/Infrared Systems Engineering program.  His most recent program was a co-development effort with the California Institute of Technology to develop and mature a set of technologies that would enable an affordable approach to space-based solar power.

Richard has served as an adjunct professor at Florida Institute of Technology (Space Technology Program), Rollins College (Mathematics Dept.), Hofstra University (Physics Dept.), Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering (Systems Engineering Program), and is currently an adjunct professor at U. of Maryland Baltimore County’s Systems Engineering Program.  Richard has authored over 45 papers, presented 8 invited talks at IEEE and SPIE conferences, and authored one text book, “Orbital Mechanics."



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